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From the begining

Originally Multirotor Superstore, FPVHQ started as most other niche market online shops start... in the garage. We originally paired SimonK Flashed F30 ESCs w/ SunnySky 980KV Brushless motors to create a good setup for the standard 450 size quad using anywhere from 8" to 10" props. It allowed us to support our hobby, and help out the folks who were stateside get quick shipping and some actual customer service. Soon after that, we were able to secure a deal w/ Abusemark to become the first USA Distributor of the Acro Naze 32 Flight Controller. From there, some would say "The rest is history".

We've seen the trends of quads go from 450 size, to 300 size, to 250 size, to 130 size, and now all the way down to micro brushed size. We've seen prop trends change from GemFan 5030 to HQProp 5045 2 blade to DALPROP 5040 3 blade, and so on. We pride ourselves at staying with the trend curve when it comes to FPV equipment and the things we put it on. We saw the rise in FPV Flying Wings and have brought on a good selection of wings that can get you in the air, and keep you there. Sweepwings. Video Aerial Systems. TBRC. Team Blacksheep. We've got them all. In the end, we want you to FPV ALL THE THINGS! Want to FPV your dog? Go for it. Have a Traxxis Summit that you want to do some groundpounding with? Do it. 

Here at FPVHeadQuarters (FPVHQ) we pride ourselves by being able to offer you high quality hardware, parts, and electronics combined with great customer service, with quick and reasonable shipping. All of our products have been tested in-house and on numerous projects before we make them available to you, to ensure high quality. While you may find marginally lower prices from china direct mega stores, you will not find the same great customer service that you will get here at FPVHQ. Plus, you get the satisfaction of supporting a small a business ran by people who are actually FPV enthusiasts.

Behind the scenes

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