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Brotronics UberDistro

Quick Overview

High-current distribution board with integrated voltage and current measurement.
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Brotronics UberDistro

Brotronics UberDistro 90a

Brotronics UberDistro

Brotronics UberDistro 180a

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This heavy duty power distribution board is perfect for FPV use. Relying on battery voltage alone gives an incomplete picture of your power consumption. The built-in voltage divider and current sensor on the UberDistro provides you with a better understanding of exactly how much capacity has been consumed, helping you maximize flight time and avoid running out of power prematurely.


  • 4oz copper for high current with minimal voltage drop. Other boards this size typically use only 2oz copper.
  • Standard 36mm x 36mm form factor
  • Attoquad compatible output; industry standard with built-in compatibility to major flight controllers such as APM/Pixhawk
  • High precision op-amp for stable, linear output across measurement range regardless of ADC input impedance
  • Current measurement available in two ranges to better match your needs: 0-90A for small copters, or 0-180A larger aircraft.*
  • Voltage measurement support for up to 4S LiPo or 18V DC.


  • Length: 36mm
  • Width: 36mm
  • Weight: 6 grams
  • 90A current output: 36.6mV per Amp
  • 180A current output: 18.3mV per Amp
  • Voltage Divider ratio: 1:10
  • 5v Output: 700mA
  • 12v Output: 700mA

Additional Notes

Pin headers not included.

* Current measurement range does not affect current handling of the distribution board itself. Choosing the proper current range merely ensures greater resolution and accuracy for the current measurement. However, exceeding the maximum current measurement range will send a signal greater than 3.3V over the current sense pin, potentially damaging or destroying connected equipment such as flight controllers or OSDs.

To use w/ your Cleanflight firmware:

Type into CLI:

set power_adc_channel=1
set currentscale=366 (for 90amp version)
set currentscale=183 (for 180amp version)

Then feed the Current Pin from the power board to input Pin 2 (next to PPM)

D & R Pads

D = Dividied 10:1

Input 10v, get 1v 


Input 10v, output 10v

Additional Information

Manufacturer Brotronics