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Crash Test Hobby Scythe 26 Inch Flying Wing

Quick Overview

Crash Test Hobbies Scythe 26" Flying Wing

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  • The 26″ Scythe is the perfect size to take with you and is great for small cars and for flyers with limited space. 
  • It can be built light to fly slow and gentle, or beefed up and turned into a nimble missile. 
  • With a big motor and lots of movement on the elevons it is incredibly maneuverable. 
  • It can have a roll rate as high as 3-4 rolls per second, and can go straight up and fly at over 90 MPH.
  • Everyone watching will feel the adrenaline rush. 
  • Some flyers keep it as light as possible with micro motors and batteries for slow and gentle flight. 
  • Watch the videos and see what this plane can do!!!


  • We've split the typical Crash Test two pack into single Scythe kits. 
  • Build them ultra light for slow and gentle flying (5 oz) or use the same motor and prop as the Crash Test Assassin and have a ballistic experience (11 oz). 
  • Use a 5.25″ prop if you use the 2812 motor.
  • This can be built like a combat plane. 
  • It is designed to be lightweight and incredibly durable and is usually built with the same building techniques we use on full combat planes. 
  • The EPP foam core will deal a blow to a larger plane or even a tree, and keep on flying.
  • It is a great suit case plane to take with you when you travel or leave in your car to fly at those times when you wish you had a plane with you. 
  • It's a great little plane to own that will last.
  • Please log in and join the discussion at: RCGroups "26" Scythe EPP Suitcase Wing"

Included in the "Build Kit"

  • EPP foam plane
  • 2 x EPP foam elevons
  • 2 X fins
  • 1 x carbon spars
  • 1 x EPP foam motor mount block
  • 1 x Formica motor mount
  • 1 x Nylon shock cord
  • 2 x servo horns
  • 2 x EZ connectors
  • 2 x push rods
  • 3 mil laminate


Additional Information

Manufacturer Crash Test Hobbies
Wing Material EPP
Wing Size 20" to 29"

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