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DTF UHF Deluxe JR Transmitter

Quick Overview

DTF UHF 1-watt Deluxe TX JR Module

Version: 2

Availability: Out of stock



DTF UHF Deluxe TX uses openLRSng. This 1-watt rated transmitter has a few new features making it easier to use and friendlier for FPV video frequencies. It uses Atmega32u4 microprocessor with Arduino Leonardo bootloader for built-in USB support: you don't need an external programmer for configuring and flashing!


  • Integrated lowpass output filter to reduce interference on higher frequencies
  • Mini USB connector for direct connection to a computer
  • 2S-3S lipo power, no reduction in power with 2S lipo

Antenna not included.

Visit OpenLRSNG.com for more info.

This radio can cause problems with some controllers, which can show up as ‘ghost’ button presses. This can be prevented by: using a very high quality antenna; using a directional antenna; and/or applying shielding to your radio.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Hawkeye
Radio Frequency 433 MHz (UHF)
Receiver Output PPM
Max Channel Output 16

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