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DTFc Flight Controller

Quick Overview

DTFc Flight Controller by DTF UHF

100% pure Wow

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Combine the latest FC tech with a high-current capable PDB and you get DTFc, the new heart of your minicopter. Connect all ESC and battery leads directly to this one small board to clean up your wiring, increase build speed, and reduce size, weight, and part count. Integrated 1.2A 5V regulator provides enough power for LED strips, cameras, small VTXs, your RX, lap transponders, and other equipment. Flat-bottom construction means you can mount it directly to your frame.

DTFc features the latest sensor from Invensense with the lowest rate noise in their entire sensor family.

OSDoge can be stacked on top of DTFc to easily add an MWOSD-based on screen display!


  • Integrated F3 based FC and PDB in one board
  • ICM-20608-G shock tolerant IMU using SPI
  • 120A current sensor
  • PPM/SBUS/SUMD/ Any other input you desire - just plug it in and configure
  • Dedicated LEDstrip port with onboard 5V regulator
  • 6S capable! Made for power
  • Runs Betaflight - BLHeli ESC Passthru capable (use the DOGE target!)
  • Want to try the more advanced dRonin software? That's coming too!
  • Two serial ports available - not shared with SerialRX port or USB port

Comes with header pin pack and mounting hardware for every possible option

Download Betaflight Doge target DFU for easy uploading to your board here!

User manual here.

Windows 7 and older, if you don't see your board as a com port, download drivers here

Additional Information

Manufacturer DTF UHF
Firmware Cleanflight