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FPVHQ Battery Strap

Quick Overview

FPVHQ Branded Rubber Lined Battery Strap

Now with: METAL D RING

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  • Length: 210mm
  • Width: 20mm

Additional Information

Manufacturer FPVHQ

LiPo batteries are shipped from the Manufacturer with a specific chemical which serves as a reaction brake. This means that the battery chemistry is immobilized, meaning longer shelf life before it's use. This addition also causes the cells to initially have high impedance (high internal resistance). To properly bring your new LiPo battery up to speed, we suggest following the steps below to "Break-In" your battery.

For more information on LiPo batteries, please click here .

Break-In Procedure

First charge of 0.5 C up to 100%
First discharge at 0.5 C to 3.7 volts / cell
Second charge of 0.5 C at 100%
Second discharge at 0.5 C to 3.6 volts / cell
Third charge with 1C to 100%
Third discharge at 1 C to 3.6 volts / cell
Fourth charge at 1C to 100%
First flight assignment with moderate currents, so gentle style of flying, flight time to about 50 - 60% of discharge limit
Fifth charge at 1C to 100%
Second flight with the use of 70 - 80% of capacity with smooth flying style

* Please perform all charges and discharges with the balance lead plugged in, never without.